Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog Days

Well, It's summer in Ocean City and the "dog days" are here. Usually resort businesses start to think about inventory and what products to keep and which ones to sell out of. That said, Kiki Burleigh has recieved quite a few new reorders from some of the local stores .... which is good. I think that is due in part to some of her new products that are being released this summer. Kristie has come up with a new wallet sized accessory that has a pleather exterior but still keeps the Kiki Burleigh flair that has been her trademark for some time. These new pleather wallets are a new direction for Kristie, and so far they are getting great feedback.

With these wallets and other new purses, Kiki Burleigh chose to attend the White Marlin Jewelry and Accessory Show a few days ago in Ocean City, and did pretty well. Kristie was able to show off some of the new wallets that have been in the pipeline for a while now. These will be available at most of the retailers that carry Kiki Burleigh this fall and winter. We hope that good things are here and wish Kristie all the best of luck.