Friday, May 28, 2010

Fresh Ink

I was thrilled to be featured in the Business section of last weeks Bayside Gazette. Thanks Tony!!! I am happy with the article which does a great job describing my ambitions and day to day operations here at Kiki Burleigh headquarters.
Check the press section on, I will be scanning it and posting so you can actually read the article.
As with any press, there is alway a bump in biz. Kiki Burleigh will now be carried in two new stores! More on that later.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bathing Suit

So, bathing suit season is upon us again! Like it or not, ready or not, it is here! I have been on a serious hunt for a new bathing suit this year. I am having absolutely ZERO luck. So, I have decided to take the plunge and make one myself! My order arrived yesterday from yesterday! Woop woop! So now I just have to turn these amazing fabrics into something suitable for the beach. Fingers crossed!!!
These are a selection of suits from one of my new favorite "webwindow" shopping sites Shabby Apple. Haven't heard of it, give it some time. Not to mention one of my favorite blogs is giving your choice of shabby apple suits away if you link to her blog. If I am lucky enough to win, I will be promptly ordering the blue suit in the lower left. Yummy, I even want the glasses and the glamorous beauty mark! Click on the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

This is a suit from JCrew that I am going to somewhat attempt to copy. Love the little ruffles. I have had the same old halter style suit for too many years to count, so this year I am going to make the ties cross over the shoulders to the back and tie in the middle. Nothing around my neck this year!

This beautiful fuchsia floral will be the body of the tankini.

This fuchsia star pattern will be made into the bikini bottoms.

This amazing teal dot will be the ruffles and ties on the tankini. I have not had any luck making suits in the past...but my serger is newly serviced and I am ready to go! So, wish me luck. More to come.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beer with Strangers

So last week I was honored to be featured on the Tom and Tony Show Podcast, which is recorded live at the Globe. Don't worry Tom, I won't take it personally that you think I am not cool enough for California!

It was a great time, and if you haven't checked out thier podcast yet you should! It is a really sweet concept with lots of interesting local guests.

And just to clarify, I make sure that my dad gets plenty of food and water up there in the attic.

Here's the link to the show! Check back daily, they update with more exerts from the recording.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Etsy Finds

So, for all of those out there that know me personally, you know how addicted I am to Etsy. If I can steal away a few minutes in front of the computer, there's a pretty good chance that I am scouring etsy. It is just totally candy for me! All that original handmade and vintage wares in one easy to click place!!! aaaahhhhhh!

So in honor of my favorite place on the web, here are a few of my personal must haves for today at least! I have over twenty pages of favorites on the site. Thank god I have self control....or I would be in serious debt!

First up, these hammered organic sterling silver earrings from These would go with, oh I don't know, EVERYTHING. And I absolutely LOVE the fluid shape of them.

Ok, yes I know this skirt was created for me. I am totally smitten with it. It is corduroy, so this will have to wait till fall. You can find it

This mug has been on my favorites since June of last year, it is amazing and if I was a potter i would make this exact mug. Check it out at

Not sure yet if I have to have this or my daughter! This locket is made from recycled steel auto parts and has magnetic lids with different artwork on them. Maybe I will get two and Marlow and I can trade!!!

I already have two of her seashell rings and I am pretty sure I need a third! Who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid?

I must make Marlow some form of this dress. It just screams her!!! How fabulous is this...

So, I want to decorate my entire house after this box. Need I say more!

I must have these shoes, they are vintage, they are amazing, I just must simply own them!!!

These are more on the clean modern side of my tastes, but I picture a cluster of three of these hanging at varying lengths in my laundry room!

Now that I am thoroughly inspired I simply must go create! Have a great day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! To everybody who came out last night. We had a wonderful evening full of handbags, cupcakes and Sangria! Lots and lots of sangria!

A special thank you to Heather Layton at Bungalow Love in Berlin for hosting the event! If you haven't checked out Berlins newest addition, it is truly a must see. Just about eveything in the store is handcrafted and most of it local. She is located at 12 Williams St. (Right next to the police station).
The new Ultimate Beach Bag and Messenger bags were a hit. If you didn't make it last night, she still has a great selection.

Marlow made a guest appearance showing her support for her mommy, oh right and the dozen or so cupcakes she consumed!

Thank you to our beautiful model Danielle for sporting her new Bungalow Love purchases, a crocheted Kiki Burleigh Headband and a Jefferey Auxer blown glass ring!

And I can't forget to thank Nate Clendenen for strumming the tunes all evening long out on stoop. Thanks Nate!

It was a fabulous evening!


Kiki Burleigh would like to say "thank you" for all who came out and attended the Bungalow Love trunk show last night. There are many, many different bags in the world .... but rarely will you find ones that are as awesome as an original "Kiki". Your support is appreciated

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friday Arts Night in Berlin

Kiki Burleigh is the featured artist at Bungalow Love, in Berlin this Friday night May, 9th.
Stop by 12 William St. to see the release of the Messinger Bag and Ultimate Beach Bag and catch up or meet the with the world famous "Kiki" !!