Friday, May 14, 2010

Etsy Finds

So, for all of those out there that know me personally, you know how addicted I am to Etsy. If I can steal away a few minutes in front of the computer, there's a pretty good chance that I am scouring etsy. It is just totally candy for me! All that original handmade and vintage wares in one easy to click place!!! aaaahhhhhh!

So in honor of my favorite place on the web, here are a few of my personal must haves for today at least! I have over twenty pages of favorites on the site. Thank god I have self control....or I would be in serious debt!

First up, these hammered organic sterling silver earrings from These would go with, oh I don't know, EVERYTHING. And I absolutely LOVE the fluid shape of them.

Ok, yes I know this skirt was created for me. I am totally smitten with it. It is corduroy, so this will have to wait till fall. You can find it

This mug has been on my favorites since June of last year, it is amazing and if I was a potter i would make this exact mug. Check it out at

Not sure yet if I have to have this or my daughter! This locket is made from recycled steel auto parts and has magnetic lids with different artwork on them. Maybe I will get two and Marlow and I can trade!!!

I already have two of her seashell rings and I am pretty sure I need a third! Who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid?

I must make Marlow some form of this dress. It just screams her!!! How fabulous is this...

So, I want to decorate my entire house after this box. Need I say more!

I must have these shoes, they are vintage, they are amazing, I just must simply own them!!!

These are more on the clean modern side of my tastes, but I picture a cluster of three of these hanging at varying lengths in my laundry room!

Now that I am thoroughly inspired I simply must go create! Have a great day!


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