Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on Irene...

Seriously! Is that all you got? I'll take it. Other than the million pine cones littering my yard no major damage or mess. Thank you very much for not destroying my town!

On another note, here is a custom dress I made recently for someones very special granddaughter. It is a complete copy of a Matilda Jane dress. The super cool thing about it is all the fabric is from the grandmothers personal stash. Its all vintage fabric or from her own vintage clothes. Love it~! It even has a vintage clothing label from Peck and Peck sewn inside. I think it turned out super cute. Love those vintage buttons, they are some kind of acrylic with this amazing brass starburst on the front. I absolutley love the strawberry fabric band on the bottom. The fabric is absolutley adorable. I was totally unsure about the apron fabric, I was afraid it would look too much like a potato sack hung on front. But, in the end it doesn't, there just enough shimmer to it.

Check out that super cute embroidered vintage trim tape!

Just a simple little tied sash around the back.

I am not super into the knots on front, just think they are over done, more of a cool button girl myself. Hope she loves it!