Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweater Refashion Tutorial

My absolute favorite sewing projects right now are taking something out of my closet that I don't wear anymore and resizing it or remaking it into something for M!

Introducing, three quarter sleeve short cardigan for Mommy refashioned into a grandpa cardi for M.

Start with your cardigan inside out. I used one of her shirts for the pattern. Make sure the sweater is lined up correctly. And...

CUT! Once you have the body of the cardigan cut out, I just used the armholes as a guide for cutting the sleeves (sorry no picture). Go ahead and cut off all the ribbing too. Since the top seam of the cardigan will still be in use, go ahead and pin the sleeves to the body.

Sew the sleeves onto the body of the cardigan, lifting the pressure foot to relieve tension as needed. Sweaters love to bunch up and stretch on you.

Once the sleeves are attached, use the actual sweater as a guide to cut your ribbing.

Pin all your ribbing in place and attach it. Sew fairly close to the edge.

Now, for the final seam. Lay sweater flat and pin sides from bottom of sweater all the way to the wrist holes. Sew up the side seams and you are done!

A super cute more stylish sweater for the wee one out of something literally just sitting in my closet!

Love these projects!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little bit of vintage, whole lotta awesome!

Spring has sprung over here at Kiki Burleigh! This seasons bags are constructed of almost entirely repurosed material and vintage fabric. They feature a chain strap in just the perfect length for hanging on your arm. Don't want a strap, you's your lucky day. Not only do the straps detach, they can be folded inside so you can sport a clutch. These little bags are just perfect for completeing an outfit and making it completely you!

The bags are one of a kind, adorned with fun ruffles, rolled flowers, buttons, and pleats. Can't you see Betty Draper rockin out the velvet bag above?

This bag lived it's first life as a bridesmaid dress!

I love the oversized knit bow adorning this bag made from a fabulously colorful vintage sheet!

This bag is made froma super sexy silk dress, and is now adorned with three rolled flowers and a rick rack leaf motif.

This springy fresh bag is made out of another vintage sheet and adorned with a crochet flower upcycled from an item of clothing, and a knit rolled flower. Cute!

Bags are arriving daily in Kiki Burleigh retail locations. Stayed tuned for a brand new Kiki Burleigh website this spring.