Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skinny Jeans Tutorial

Here is a quick and VERY easy tutorial to change regular flair leg or boot cut jeans into more stylish skinny jeans.

These are a pair of hand-me-down toddler flair legs jeans we recieved and a few minutes later are transformed into some super cute skinny jeans.

First, turn the jeans inside out and make sure the hem of the jeans is even on the bottom. Start sewing from the bottom of the leg of the jean. I sewed in about an inch and a half. Sew straight up and then gradually ease back toward the orignal seam somewhere in the hip.

I sewed both legs twice for durability. Cut off the excess jean.

If you want you can serge the edge, so if you need to roll of the jean you have a nice finished edge.

Turn the jeans right side out and press out your seam. Done. Super simple way to make the jeans you already have in your closet more stylish!

I think I am gonna try this on some of my own jeans! Love it!