Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Summer is Coming

Well Kristie has been busy. Most of the stores that carry Kiki Burleigh bags are located in or near resort towns, so the "busy" season is ramping up. That mean that everyone will want to fill their stores and be ready for the tourists. It's time to introduce the new summer bags and prints, update the website, make sales calls, etc, etc.

I knew she could sew, but who knew she had an artistic side? For the first time ever, Kristie has designed her own prints and that's kind of cool. Nobody else in the whole handbag business will be using these designs, because, well, they can't get them. Also, the summer brochure is done so you can check that out. All we need now is the ugly economy to turn around. Kiki Burleigh is doing it's part because like I said ...... summer is coming.



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