Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handbags Make You Smile

Things are pretty slow around the ole' Kiki Burleigh Ranch these days. It has been an interesting season so far with most people playing it safe with new orders and the reorders are a little slower than we would like. However, Kristie did manage to pick up 2 new accounts last week. One in Cambridge and the other in Easton ( I think --- I will post more on that when I'm 100% sure ) So that cool news. This is also a time when Kiki Burleigh starts to think about things for the next seasons patterns and designs. Innovation and design never really stop, but there is a little time to reflect and think about the direction you are taking things and now is that time. If anyone is actually reading this, all input is welcome and remember ..... we do it for you America !!!!



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