Saturday, January 21, 2012

A girl, a fridge, and some chalkboard paint...

I have wanted to chalkboard paint my fridge forever, but the thought of a big black box in the middle of the kitchen was totally unappetizing. Then, I discovered you can make your own chalkboard paint out of whatever color you desired. Enter robins egg blue!

It was super easy to make. I used Martha Stewart's recipe which is basically one cup paint to two tablespoons non sanded grout. The longer the paint sat the sludgier it became, but it still smoothed out beautifully. I did two coats and let it dry overnight. The let my tester have at it after school. She has deemed it a success.

It was really hard to get a good picture due to my tiny galley kitchen! But you get the idea.

As always I had lots of help
See that adorable cow chalkboard? You can find them here.

Yeah, I know that vintage owl cookie jar is sick! A Christmas gift from my parents.


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