Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Pom Flowers and Tutorial

Perfect little instant gratification project to brighten up your day!

Simple flower pom poms made out of yarn and hot glued to twigs from the back yard and placed in a few assorted glasses salvaged from a recent refrigerater clean out.

And you have beautiful spring blooms that won't wilt away and die! Or early blooms for those of you still with snow.

I can't take complete credit for this, my mom showed me something similar in a magazine (can't remember which one, she must read a million of them). They were advertising a kit to make the pom poms.

But, they are so simple to make there is no need for a kit. It's also a great stash buster. I just used yarn I had. I would have loved to make them out of all shades of blue and green.

Here's how to make these super simple pom poms. You begin by wrapping the yarn around your fingers. You can make them smaller or bigger by adding more or less fingers. You could also just wrap it around a tablet of paper as well.

Keep wrapping until the yarn is thick and about two inches wide. The more times you wrap around, the rounder your pom will be.

When you have wrapped it around enough slip it off your fingers. Be careful to not let it fold in on itself. Cut off another piece of yarn about five inches or so wide.

Lay the wrapped yarn on top of that and tie it really tight around the middle. Knot it.

Next you will cut all the loops on the top and the bottom.

Once you have cut all the loops flatten it out so that cut ends lay out flat and the knotted string is in between. Hard to explain, just look at the picture.
Next trim around the pom
to make all the yarn even and more full.

When you have trimmed off enough your pom should be nice and round and full.

Now, simply hot glue the pom to the end of a twig and slip into a glass jar and you are ready to go!

So springy fresh!


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